Can Fatty Liver Disease Be Reversed?

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

When I found out I had fatty liver disease the first thing I wanted to know was… How serious is a fatty liver or, in my case, NASH? And can fatty liver disease be reversed?

Fatty liver is the first abnormal stage in the liver disease spectrum and simply means there is a specific type of fat called triglycerides accumulating in the liver cells. By itself fatty deposits in the liver are relatively harmless but left unchecked could lead to inflammation and scarring of the liver. When fatty liver disease occurs in persons who drink little or no alcohol it is called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

When fatty liver also has inflammation and/or scarring in persons who drink little or no alcohol it is called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH is a more serious liver condition in that the inflammation may lead to scarring and ultimately to cirrhosis and cancer.

The only symptoms for fatty liver that I had were elevated liver enzymes and this was discovered in blood work from a routine exam. The lack of patient detectable symptoms can result in fairly advanced liver disease without you knowing it.

Are NAFLD And NASH Reversible?

According to my doctor, yes, they are reversible! (Big sigh of relief.) Great! Give me a prescription and I’ll be on my way. But not so fast… there are no drugs available currently to treat fatty liver disease.

So how do I reverse it?

My doctor prescribed five things:

  • Lose weight (the single most important factor)
  • Actos (a drug to control blood sugar)
  • Vitamin E (800 mg) daily
  • Fish Oil (2000 mg) daily
  • Oh, and no alcohol.

Caution: I am only telling you what my doctor prescribed for me. You should seek the advice of your medical practitioner and not make any assumptions that my treatment is appropriate for you.

Losing Weight Is The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

How to reverse fatty liver diseaseLosing weight is very difficult for persons with a fatty liver disease. The liver is important to your metabolism which governs your ability to burn fat. When liver function is impaired so is your ability to lose weight. But gradual weight loss is essential in reversing fatty liver disease and while difficult it can be done with proper diet, exercise and perseverance. You will hit plateaus. Accept it and don’t be discouraged. Just keep on keeping on.

Rapid weight loss could make your fatty liver condition worse. Studies show that benefits of fatty liver reversal can be seen with the loss of 5%-10% of your current weight over a nine (9) month period.

Proper diet is essential to any weight loss program. It is especially important for those of us who have a fatty liver. Most weight loss diets work to help you lose weight but not all are good for your liver. There are specific foods you will want to include in your diet and there are specific foods you will want to avoid. Your doctor may not provide much help on diet. Mine didn’t.

Of course exercise is another important component in any weight loss program. A sedentary life style is common among persons with fatty deposits in the liver. I am not a stranger to the difficulties of maintaining a regular exercise program. The solution that has worked for me has been getting a dog. I know it’s not a solution for everyone but dogs should be walked daily. When my dog died last fall so did my motivation for getting out and walking every day. My cardiologist who talked me into getting my dog in the first place kept asking if I had gotten another dog yet. Finally he told me if I didn’t have another dog by the next time I saw him, he was going to give me a prescription for one. I now have a new dog and we walk every day. If you decide to get a dog please consider adopting from your local pound or animal shelter.

Caution: I am obligated to tell you that before embarking on any weight loss, diet or exercise program you should consult your medical practitioner.


Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Closely Linked To Type 2 Diabetes


According to, “Approximately 70% of persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus have a fatty liver and the disease follows a more aggressive course…” While there are no drugs available currently to treat fatty liver disease, insulin resistance is usually present and your doctor may include drugs normally used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Vitamin E Use In Reducing Fatty Infiltration Of The Liver

A study is underway at the University of Edinburgh to see if the preliminary evidence that Omega-3 reduces liver fat and improves liver function can be confirmed.
USA Today reported on a study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine where 43% of study participants improved their liver function by taking vitamin E compared to 19% who were given placebos.

Alcohol: Don’t Even Think About It If You Are At Risk For Fatty Liver

You may hear of or read about studies claiming that moderate use of alcohol may benefit the liver or prevent the onset of fatty liver disease. Be very careful! The reports I’ve seen regarding benefit were conducted on animals not humans. There was a study done in Japan on men that reported that “frequent and moderate consumption of alcohol has been associated with a reduced risk of fatty liver disease.”

I don’t believe you could find any support for the idea that anyone with fatty liver disease nor has any of its risk factors could benefit by any use of alcohol however moderate. Personally, I have decided on total abstinence.

Discover More About Fatty Liver Disease Than Your Doctor Will Tell You

The day my doctor told me I had nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) I left his office with a little three-panel brochure titled Fatty Liver and Steatohepatitis. It told me the basics in very general terms but I wanted to know more.

The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol is a comprehensive collection of information that I have found very useful in supplementing what I’ve learned from my doctor about my disease. My doctor hasn’t provided me with enough detail in the area of diet, nutrition and other natural alternatives that I wanted to know about.

It’s an eBook you can download immediately so you don’t have to wait. It comes with several bonuses, some of which I found useful. Maybe you’ll find them all useful. I didn’t but that’s just me. But they come free with the eBook so why not? And there is no risk. Your satisfaction is ensured by a money back guarantee within 60 days.

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